Concrete Splitting / Bursting

Splitting / Bursting is another demolition method that a splitter is inserted into a hole of the concrete structure drilled beforehand and bursts the structure under the high pressure releasing from the splitter.


The advantage of using this method is no noise and vibration will be caused. This is also suitable for confined space and under-water works.

Typical Application:

  • Use hydraulic splitters to prepare concrete for controlled breaking or for dissecting structures
  • When dealing with difficult site condition: i.e. when access and noise are a problem  (offices, Hospitals etc)


Work Flow:

Phase 1: First, a hole of a precise diameter and depth is drilled into the material. The wedge set (one wedge and two counter wedges) is inserted into the drill-hole.

Phase 2: The wedge is driven forward under hydraulic pressure, forcing the counter wedges apart with a force of up to 400 tons. The material splits within seconds.

Phase 3: With enlarging counter wedges the split can be expanded to its maximum width. Reinforcing rods break or can be cut up with a suitable power tool, e.g. the Darda HCS 6 Combi- Shears. 


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