Taikoo Place Linkage Demolition and Alteration Work

Renovation work to extend the storey at TAIKOO place linkage (Approx. 300m²). The demolition works include cutting the surrounding parapet wall, roof slab, internal and external reinforced wall R.C. beam in a safe manner. The work would not affect the normal commercial operations due to the environmental friendly machineries we used to do the demolition. We used coring machine, blade saw and wire cut machine to cut the concrete into small pieces and remove off site.

1. Set up core machine and core holes for lifting use.

2. Coring Machine -
Locate the overall cutting area, rectify or adjustment where necessary.
3.Wall Saw Machine -
Set up diamond wall saw machine and saw cut the parapet element following the setting out aligment.
4. Saw cut the parapet element and detach it by Sparrow crane.
5. Shift the element to the adjacent area.
6. Dispose the element off site by forklift trolley.
7. After

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Taikoo Place Linkage Demolition and Alteration Work

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